Full Page Promotions

To view a full page promotion after is has already displayed, tap the tile for that promotion again.

You will not always receive notifications promoting products on Shopper Radar near the aisle location of that product. You may receive a notification several aisles away. This is normal

Shopper Radar works best with iPhones 5s and newer. Earlier versions of the iPhone do not deliver reliable service.

If you have an iPhone 5s or newer and are not receiving any notifications on Shopper Radar as you move around the store, here are some things to check:

  1. --Is your Bluetooth on?
  2. --Are you connected to the internet/have data?
  3. --Are your location services on?

The full page promotion will pop up on the screen. When you tap the image you'll immediately get the store credit associated with that promotions. Once you've received it there will be a green check mark on the tile corresponding to the full page promotion you received. You can use the store credit by giving the phone number you registered to the cashier when you check out.

A "full page promotion" is an image of a product that is displayed on your screen when you trigger a beacon associated with that promotions. You receive store credit when you tap the screen of the full page promotions, and you can use the store credit to reduce the price of your entire purchase when you check out.

A coupon on Shopper Radar is a digital coupon that is exactly like a normal printed coupon: the coupon value is deducted from the price when you buy the product.

This will occur Shopper Radar has not received the image yet. The image will appear after Shopper Radar receives it. This can also occur due to a poor Wi-Fi connection/poor data signal strength.

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